Arco Iris Enrichment Programs provides classes to families who seek to raise their child/ren with the Spanish acquisition and appreciation of its culture.

In our "Tú y Yo en Español"  (18 months to 3 years) families (parents and a child/caregiver) have the opportunity to transition to to their children into a new place and experience. "Tú y Yo en Español" provides short time routines such as play, clean up, circle, snack, and reading time. Children also learn the importance of taking turns and/or recognition of their own feelings. Lastly, but least important children learn to name their feelings which is imperative in a child's emotional development.  

In our "Pascuenses Juguetones" (5 & 6) class, children continue to explore the language and culture acquisition and begin to read and write. This class, is also appropriate for children who speak the Spanish language at home. The importance of the social and emotional development continues as children learn the consequences of their own actions/decisions and how they impact others around them.

In our "Aztecas Traviesos" (7 & 8) class, children  continue to explore the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world on their own terms (e.g. short story play, singing, poetry etc). They are in a nurturing environment that fosters curiosity and joyful intellectual advancement as well as the grows of the child as a whole.

In all of our classes, our goal is to strengthen the Spanish language as well as expand the knowledges of varies Spanish cultures.

¡Qué viva el mundo de la lengua española!