Frequently asked questions:

  • My child is two years old and has never taken Spanish. Is my child too young to learn Spanish? No, your child is not too young to learn Spanish. On the contrary, the earlier a child begins learning a second language, the better.

  • I do not speak Spanish. Will my child be confused learning two language at the same? Not at all. A child’s brain will learn to identify a the target language with the person/s speaking it as well as the place where the learning develops.

  • My child has never been away from me. Will my child be OK in your program? It is normal for a child to be anxious in her/his first time away from Mom/Dad/Home. There are a few steps that will help your child have a smooth transition. For instance, talk about this new experience in a positive way. Read to your child books about going to school for the first time. Take your child to the school for a visit.

  • Could I stay with my child for a few minutes in the classroom in the first day? Absolutely. A parent is welcome to stay with her child as longs as it takes for the child to feel comfortable.

  • My child is five years old and was just admitted to one of the Spanish Immersion Public Schools. I am planning to enroll her/him in your summer program. Is there anything else, I can do to get her/him ready? Yes, there are various things you can do to prepare your child. Take a visit to your local library and search in the Spanish area for beginner books with Cds.Some of the books have familiar stories and some of the Cds have songs that your child can learn along with you.

Please feel free to send me an email to if you have any other question/s.