Going Green

Arco Iris Somos' commitment to Going Green began in our 2007 Spanish Immersion Summer Camp. Eigthy percent of our arts and crafts projects were made with reusable items found at home and in the natural environment, teaching both creativity with found objects and the joy of re-purposing without the need for additional consumption. During the summer of 2008, Arco Iris began feeding our children fruits and vegetables as primary snacks. In September of 2013, Arco Iris shifted to organic fruits and vegetables, and organic juices and milk from locally owned and operated markets. We avoid processed foods that contain additional sugar, sodium, or unhealthy fats.    

Starting in the Spring Camp of 2014, Arco Iris began providing our children organic lunches. With the launch of our Spanish Immersion Pre-School on September 2014, we are planning to add a vegetable garden and composter. We are excited to teach our children the joy of cultivating, the deliciousness of fresh foods, and the wisdom of reuse.

We are pleased to share the following resources on the importance of healthy eating for toddlers and pre-schoolers: