What Parents are Saying About our Spanish Immersion Pre-School

"I have been so impressed with how smoothly things are going so far. Emily loves going to school...I am excited for her to be learning Spanish and she takes such pride in telling others that she is going to 'Spanish immersion' school."

"Thank you so much for your excitement and your attention to each student and family!"

"Celeste has grown in ways that I could have never imagined in less than two weeks. She is more communicative since she is part of Arco Iris Somos. She is getting home with something new everyday. And what we really love about Celeste these days is that she is becoming more consciously aware of herself."

"...I feel extremely confident leaving Jake in her capable hands. To both of you I would like to extend a thanks for paying close attention to Jake and seeing him so well. From the home visit to Jake's first day, when Claudia remembered he has a big bear at home and showed him a special book about bears, to today when Claudia brought me in the hall to tell me how Jake is doing, I am grateful for the effort and time and kidness you have given us."


What Parents are Saying About our Spanish Immersion Programs

"Sra. Lupe engages the children with books, songs, dance, and imaginative play; creating a magical learning environment. It is wonderful to be learning Spanish with my daughter, and I couldn't ask for a better program."                                                                                                                Mom of child in You and I in Spanish!  "Tú y Yo en Español". October, 2013

"My daughter has been attending an afterschool program run by Arco Iris Somos, and went to camp this summer. She loves it, and I have been very happy with how much she is learning."                                                                                                                                                                                                Mom of child in "Los Pascuenses Juguetones" October, 2013

"This is a great program! My son Lucas is currently enrolled in the program, and is really growing his Spanish skills."                                                                                                                                                                            Mom of child in "Los Aztecas Traviesos" October, 2013


What Parents are Saying About our Summer Camp

"It is a fantastic camp - full of warmth, laughter, and learning!"

"I love and my kids love this camp."

"Thank you for a wonderful, fulfilling camp experience. The kids were excited to go to camp."                                                                                                                            

"I am very happy with the program... I also really appreciate your focus on health! good eating (organic veggies!) plus dance (exercise, language and culture in the most fun and effective of ways)."

"I know Josie really liked knitting, finger knitting and cooking!"

"She had such a wonderful time this summer!... I can't recall more reports of pure fun from any camp experience. Thank you!"

 "Best program ever!"

" I would recomend this camp to others!"

"Muchas gracias!"

"This camp is a best kept secret--obviously not so secret!


What parents are saying about our Spring Camp

"I wanted to thank you very much for another successful Spring break camp.  Aidan and Ariana really enjoyed it." Shannan Higgins

"Ava has so much enjoyed this week at camp!"


What Parents Are Saying about our Staff

"I felt very comfortable leaving my children in your hands." Larissa Guran

"The teachers and director are so sweet, caring and supportive." Julie Prusky                                                            

"Thank you, Sra. Lupe. Lovely environment! Warm!" Bonnie Green

"Emma loves Señorita Jackie." Sarah Hanson

"Fantastic teachers that engage the children, surpassing any language barrier. Thank you!"

"The teachers are caring and responsive, the snacks are healthy, the songs and games are retained..."

"Thank you so much for your very professional and caring program"

"As A teacher myself, I want to say how much I admire all these teachers. They are so skilled and so patient and they know how to make learning fun. Thank you for a wonderful summer."

"Mil Gracias a todas las maestras y ayudantes! Esperamos volver.